I began my Flat-Coat adventure in 1989 with the birth of my first male, Cdn/Am. Ch. Parkburn Lackie, my wonderful, incorrigible "Woody".  He wasn't the first Flat I met.......about  2 years before this I met a gorgeous black dog, who put his paws on my shoulders, gazed into my eyes with his mischievious ones - and I was sunk.  When I was ready for a new pup, I asked who the breeder was...thus began my journey with a wonderful friend and mentor,  Moira Jewell - Parkburn FCRs.

"Woody" introduced me into the show world, and with the addition of my foundation bitch  in 1993, Cdn/Am. Ch. Avalon Arthurian Blacklace CD led me into the world of breeding.  "Lacey" was entrusted to me by Arlene Wilson Rudden (Applegarth kennel) and I can't thank her enough for this  superior girl.

Lacey was bred to Woody for 2 litters....producing, in the first litter,  my first Canadian National Specialty winner in 1997.   KONA - BISS Cdn/Am. Ch. Blacklace N'Wood SurfsUpKona.  Kona won over 145 flats....amazing the heck out of this  new breeder.

Lacey had two other litters - both with many dual Country Champions.....In 2003  her son, Saxon, (Lacey x Cdn/Am. Ch. Parkburn Pacific Pride) gave me my second  Canadian National Winner - BISS Cdn/Am. Ch. Blacklace Saxon Pride, owned by  Pete and Kate Szillard.  And in 2006, his sister, my Tia, Cdn/Am. Ch. Blacklace Prides Fine Wine took BOS at the Canadian National.

Multi Group Placer in both Canada and the US.....is my BEST IN SHOW boy Koby.....He is owned by Ken and Cathy Johnson of Monroe, Wash.   Koby has the honor of winning BIS three times.......On June 16, 2010, Koby achieved Grand Champion....and is the first male Flattie to achieve Grand Champion status....on  Oct 14,2010 his  Bronze GCh ,Jan 20, 2011 his Silver GCH, and  in Nov 12, 2011.his Gold GCH. 

Koby, once again, was  No. 1 Grand Champion, No. 1 All-Breed and No. 1 FLAT-COATED RETRIEVER in 2011.  In this year  Koby achieved two BIS, 13 Group One placements for a total of 26 Group 1s.  

In July 2010 at the Canadian Specialty, he was Best Veteran and Best Stud Dog and won a Judges Award of Merit.  He also won a JAM at the Eukanuba National in Florida Dec 2011.

Feb 14, 2012.....at almost 9 years, Koby won breed at WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW at Madison Square Gardens....    He has a total of 311 Best of Breeds in his career.  In 2012 at the BC Specialty Koby won Best Stud Dog and his daughter, Jada, won Best Brood Bitch......wonderful lines carrying on.

I knew he was a special boy as a pup
just didn`t know how special he would turn
out to be.....

WOW KOBY!!!   you  truly are a breeders 

Huge thanks to Ken and Cathy Johnson
for giving this boy such marvelous opporunities
to strut his stuff....and to Tony Carter, his
incredible handler.

check out Koby's web site:   www.blacklacemagic.com

Blacklace kennels has had many successes in the show ring, with many champions and multi-group placing flatties, obedience and hunting dogs.......but most of all, it has been my pride and joy to see these wonderful dogs go into fabulous homes and give me such great lasting friendships.....and the adventure goes on!! 
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BIS GCH/INT/Cdn Ch. Blacklace Magic Mocha Sapphire                                          CGC  JH
             THE BEGINNING
This lovely picture of BISS Cdn/Am. Ch. Blacklace Saxon Pride was taken by Chris Butler  and was used by Ann Kilminster in her painting of 
                "The Highlander"
It saddens us so much to have lost this fantastic dog......at just over 9.6 years....Rest in peace my boy!  A true champion in all areas.
Westminster 2012......I won, I won...just a bit happy!
Cdn/Am Ch. Blacklace Olympic MagicMerlin  "MERF"
Cooper on his 10th birthday.....April 16, 2014
He is out of Tia and Uther